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Massage combines the power of sensitive touch with the knowledge of anatomy and physiology to become a valuable tool in relieving suffering of stress and pain.


Included in this course is four certificate courses in one program which includes theory, practical and clinic instruction. It offers you exceptional diversity and effectiveness in the massage and body work industry.

Swedish Massage (250 hours)

A classical European massage technique using five main strokes; Petrissage, Effleurage, Friction, Tapotment, and Vibration.

Deep Tissue/Sports Massage (150 hours)

Various massage styles that are directed toward the deeper structures of the muscle and fascia.

Asian Systems, Acupressure/Shiatsu (150 hours)

Traditional Chinese concepts such as yin and yang, chi meridians, and the five elements. This technique includes touching and pressing.

Holistic Massage (100 hours)

These techniques include wellness of the whole body, mind, and spirit experience. Techniques incorporate energy meridians, energy vortexes, essential oils, and many techniques related to Swedish massage. Each of the four massage modalities include theory, practical, anatomy, physiology, business, ethics and clinic hours of practice.

Our program allows you to design your training and find your specialties in the massage industry. The basic certification course in Swedish Massage prepares you to choose the advanced modalities you would like to specialize in. Each one of these modalities can be used alone or combined to deliver a very effective therapeutic massage.

Your Future

Our 650 hour Massage Therapy Program prepares an individual for a successful career in this vibrant, growing industry. At the completion of this course the Massage Therapist will have received the knowledge and training to work as a massage therapist independently, in a spa, in the sports arena, or in a doctor’s office.



Tuesday – Friday 9:30 am to 5:00 pm
Tuesday – Friday 5:00 pm to 9:30 pm

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